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Over the past year, how often did crawford construction sell and replace it's inventory

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The goodin corporation purchases all of the outstanding stock of the winslow corporation for $62 million. in buying winslow, goodin acquired several items that might qualify to be reported as identifiable intangible assets. which of the following criteria are applied to determine whether goodin can report an intangible? a. goodin must have obtained contractual or other legal rights or the item can be separated from winslow and sold.b. the item must have a life of over one year and generate revenue that the parent company can assess.c. the item must have a tangible element to it or be legally valid in nature.d. the item must improve the operations of goodin or have a value that can be objectively determined.
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Suppose portugal has 700 workers and 26,000 units of capital, and france has 18,000 workers and 700 units of capital. technology is identical in both countries. assume that wine is the capital-intensive good and cloth is the labor-intensive good. which of the following statements is correct if the nations start trading with each other? a) wages will increase in portugal.b) rental rates in france will increase.c) wages in france will decrease.d) rental rates in portugal will increase.
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Ann chovies, owner of the perfect pasta pizza parlor, uses 20 pounds of pepperoni each day in preparing pizzas. order costs for pepperoni are $10.00 per order, and carrying costs are 4 cents per pound per day. lead time for each order is three days, and the pepperoni itself costs $3.00 per pound. if she were to order 80 pounds of pepperoni at a time, what would be the average inventory level?
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On october 1, eder fabrication borrowed $77 million and issued a nine-month, 8% promissory note. interest was payable at maturity. prepare the journal entry for the issuance of the note and the appropriate adjusting entry for the note at december 31, the end of the reporting period.
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