What are the main arguments/points presented in the video about consciousness? present your opinion about the arguments. do you agree with all points? feel free to offer you personal reflections about the video?

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What is the most important aspect of marking media? a. data labelingb. content descriptionc. electronic labelingd. classification
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Write a method named addall that could be placed inside the hashintset class. this method accepts another hashintset as a parameter and adds all elements from that set into the current set, if they are not already present. for example, if a set s1 contains [1, 2, 3] and another set s2 contains [1, 7, 3, 9], the call of s1.addall(s2); would change s1 to store [1, 2, 3, 7, 9] in some order. you are allowed to call methods on your set and/or the other set. do not modify the set passed in. this method should run in o(n) time where n is the number of elements in the parameter set passed in.
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You need to design a circuit that implements the functions in the following table: s0 s1 function0 0 a + 10 1 a – b1 0 a + b1 1 a – 1s0 and s1 are 1-bit control inputs to select the function of the circuit. inputs a and b are 4-bitnumbers in 2s complement form. the output is also a 4-bit number in 2s complement are allowed to use only one ttl 7483 4-bit adder to implement all the functions. but anynumber of other components (except the adder) can be used.hint: design a combinational logic circuit to modify the input b and the “carry input” of theadder depending on the control inputs s0 and s1.important: lab grade will depend on the working of the circuit & will be checked of by your labinstructor.1. is the output valid for the following input combinations: a. s0 = 0, s1 = 0, a = 7, b = 3? b. s0 = 0, s1 = 1, a = 7, b = 3? c. s0 = 1, s1 = 0, a = -4, b = -5? d. s0 = 1, s1 = 1, a = -8, b = 6? 2. what is the range of inputs (for both a and b) that will produce the valid output for all the functions?
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Mobile cameras are how of a higher quality than when they first arrived on the market. describe the difference in resolution that has led to higher photo quality.
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What are the main arguments/points presented in the video about consciousness? present your opinion...
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