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Which of these details is not relevant to the paragraph? jane addams was born in cedarville, illinois, in 1860. as the daughter of well-off mill owner, jane always had her needs cared for. while she traveled through england in her late twenties, she and her friend, ellen g. starr, traveled to a house where poor people could sleep, eat, and learn. inspired by this, jane and ellen started a similar establishment, called hull house, in chicago, illinois. people living in the city could get a meal, learn, and rest at hull house. the founders soon became famous for their work, and their efforts many poor people in chicago. for her work, jane was awarded the nobel peace prize in 1931.

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In chapter 3 of franz kafka’s the metamorphosis, gregor is confined to his room after an injury inhibits his movement. however, he finds solace in being able to hear his family’s conversations through his open bedroom door. what does this detail show about gregor’s state of mind? a. he still feels the need for human company. b. he feels trapped in his house with his family. c. he misses interacting with his kind, loving mother. d. he’s bored and wants to go back to work.
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