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(4.04 mc) which of the following is a linear function? x = y − 3 y = x3 + 2 y = 6x2 y = 2 over 3x

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Plz, ! the box plot below shows the total amount of time, in minutes, the students of a class surf the internet every day: a box plot is shown.part a: list two pieces of information that are provided by the graph and one piece of information that is not provided by the graph. (4 points) part b: calculate the interquartile range of the data, and explain in a sentence or two what it represents. (4 points) part c: explain what affect, if any, there will be if an outlier is present. (2 points)
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Identify one charcteristic of exponential growth
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Which statement accurately describes how to perform a 90° clockwise rotation of point a (1,4) around the origin?
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You work for a landscape company that just got a contract to re-mulch a park. the area that needs mulching is 30 feet by 60 feet. they want a 3 inch layer of much on the area. the company has bags of mulch that cover 2 cubic yards that cost $4.00 per bag. how much will it cost the consumer just in materials to re-mulch the area (round to the nearest dollar)?
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(4.04 mc) which of the following is a linear function? x = y − 3 y = x3 + 2 y = 6x2 y = 2 over 3x...
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