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Anoche fuimos al restaurante el gusto. jaime le (1) (pedir) al camarero una mesa en la sección de no fumar. yo (2) (pedir) chuleta de cerdo con champiñones, papas y ensalada y jaime (3) (pedir) mariscos, arroz y ensalada. el restaurante estaba lleno (full) por eso no nos (4) (servir) muy rápido (very fast), pero la comida estaba deliciosa. no me lo vas a creer (you won't believe it) pero ¡jaime (5) (repetir) arroz y mariscos! ¡dos porciones (orders)! ¿ya entiendes por qué él no (6) (dormir) bien anoche?

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How did galileo use his knowledge to understand the movement of pendulum
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What is the magnification of a real image if the image is 10.0 cm from a mirror and the object is 50.0 cm from the mirror ? use the equation m=-di/do. a. -5.0 b. 5.0 c. 0.20 d. -0.20
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Assume a drivers reaction time is 0.7 s and the maximum deceleration of her car is 6.0 m/s. while travelling down the road at a speed of 20 m/s she sees an obstacle in the road ahead of her, how far does her car travel from the point where she first sees the obstacle to the point, where her car comes to a stop?
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Aspring is hanging from the ceiling. attaching a 0.500 kg mass to the spring causes it to stretch 0.200 m in order to come to a new equilibrium. (a) what is the spring constant? (b) from the new equilibrium, the mass is pulled down 0.100 m and released. what is the period of oscillation? (c) what is the maximum speed of the mass? at what position or positions does it have this speed?
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Anoche fuimos al restaurante el gusto. jaime le (1) (pedir) al camarero una mesa en la sección de no...
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