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Decision alternatives should be identified before decision criteria are established. are limited to quantitative solutions are evaluated as a part of the problem definition stage. are best generated by brain-storming.

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On june 1 of the current year, chad wilson established a business to manage rental property. he completed the following transactions during june: opened a business bank account with a deposit of $28,000 from personal funds. purchased office supplies on account, $2,690. received cash from fees earned for managing rental property, $7,390. paid rent on office and equipment for the month, $3,310. paid creditors on account, $1,230. billed customers for fees earned for managing rental property, $6,130. paid automobile expenses (including rental charges) for the month, $740, and miscellaneous expenses, $370. paid office salaries, $2,330. determined that the cost of supplies on hand was $1,590; therefore, the cost of supplies used was $1,100. withdrew cash for personal use, $2,210. required: 1. indicate the effect of each transaction and the balances after each transaction: for those boxes in which no entry is required, leave the box blank. for those boxes in which you must enter subtractive or negative numbers use a minus sign. (example: -300) answer
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The board of directors is the highest ranking body in a corporation, and the chairman of the board is the highest ranking individual. the ceo generally works under the board and its chairman, and the board generally has the authority to remove the ceo under certain conditions. the ceo, however, cannot remove the board, but he or she can endeavor to have the board voted out and a new board voted in should a conflict arise. it is possible for a person to simultaneously serve as ceo and chairman of the board, though many corporate control experts believe it is bad to vest both offices in the same person. true false
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Chance company had two operating divisions, one manufacturing farm equipment and the other office supplies. both divisions are considered separate components as defined by generally accepted accounting principles. the farm equipment component had been unprofitable, and on september 1, 2018, the company adopted a plan to sell the assets of the division. the actual sale was completed on december 15, 2018, at a price of $600,000. the book value of the division’s assets was $1,000,000, resulting in a before-tax loss of $400,000 on the sale. the division incurred a before-tax operating loss from operations of $130,000 from the beginning of the year through december 15. the income tax rate is 40%. chance’s after-tax income from its continuing operations is $350,000. required: prepare an income statement for 2018 beginning with income from continuing operations. include appropriate eps disclosures assuming that 100,000 shares of common stock were outstanding throughout the year. (amounts to be deducted should be indicated with a minus sign. round eps answers to 2 decimal places.)
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Yowell company began operations on january 1, year 1. during year 1, the company engaged in the following cash transactions: 1) issued stock for $50,000 2) borrowed $30,000 from its bank 3) provided consulting services for $48,000 cash 4) paid back $20,000 of the bank loan 5) paid rent expense for $11,500 6) purchased equipment for $17,000 cash 7) paid $3,500 dividends to stockholders 8) paid employees' salaries of $26,000 what is yowell's net cash flow from operating activities?
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Decision alternatives should be identified before decision criteria are established. are limited to...
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