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Harry is 25 years old with a 1.55 rating factor for his auto insurance. if his annual base premium is $1,012, what is his total premium? $1,568.60 $2,530 $1,582.55 $1,842.25

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Consider the following ethical argument. which of the three statements represents the moral statement about a moral principle? statement 1: a dealership advertised a car at a very low price, but only had a similar higher priced model in stock. statement 2: it is wrong to perform a bait and switch. statement 3: the dealership was wrong to advertise the car on special sale when in actually it was not available.
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Verizon communications, inc., provides the following footnote relating to its leasing activities in its 10-k report. the aggregate minimum rental commitments under noncancelable leases for the periods shown at december 31, 2010, are as follows: years (dollars in millions) capital leases operatingleases 2011 $97 $1,898 2012 74 1,720 2013 70 1,471 2014 54 1,255 2015 42 1,012 thereafter 81 5,277 total minimum 418 $ 12,633 rental commitments less interest and (86) executory costs present value of 332 minimum lease payments less current (75) installments long-term obligation $257 at december 31, 2010 (a) confirm that verizon capitalized its capital leases using a rate of 7.4 %. (b) compute the present value of verizon's operating leases, assuming an 7.4% discount rate and rounding the remaining lease term to 3 decimal places. (use a financial calculator or excel to compute. do not round until your final answers. round each answer to the nearest whole number.)
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Aaron corporation, which has only one product, has provided the following data concerning its most recent month of operations: selling price $ 102 units in beginning inventory 0 units produced 4,900 units sold 4,260 units in ending inventory 640 variable costs per unit: direct materials $ 20 direct labor $ 41 variable manufacturing overhead $ 5 variable selling and administrative expense $ 4 fixed costs: fixed manufacturing overhead $ 64,200 fixed selling and administrative expense $ 2,900 the total contribution margin for the month under variable costing is:
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The local car dealership has an increase in inventory of 100 newly produced cars in 2015. in 2016, it sells all 100 cars. which of the following statements is correct?
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