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Why is it vital to maintain a designer worksheet? a. it separates the designs chosen for the season from those rejected by the company. b. it keeps a record of all designs created by the designer for a season. c. it charts out the development of an entire line through the season and beyond. d. it tracks the development of a design along with costing and production details. done

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If the ceo of a large, diversified, firm were filling out a fitness report on a division manager (i.e., "grading" the manager), which of the following situations would be likely to cause the manager to receive a better grade? in all cases, assume that other things are held constant.a. the division's basic earning power ratio is above the average of other firms in its industry.b. the division's total assets turnover ratio is below the average for other firms in its industry.c. the division's debt ratio is above the average for other firms in the industry.d. the division's inventory turnover is 6, whereas the average for its competitors is 8.e. the division's dso (days' sales outstanding) is 40, whereas the average for its competitors is 30.
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The following accounts are from last year’s books at s manufacturing: raw materials bal 0 (b) 157,400 (a) 172,500 15,100 work in process bal 0 (f) 523,600 (b) 133,700 (c) 171,400 (e) 218,500 0 finished goods bal 0 (g) 477,000 (f) 523,600 46,600 manufacturing overhead (b) 23,700 (e) 218,500 (c) 27,700 (d) 159,400 7,700 cost of goods sold (g) 477,000 s manufacturing uses job-order costing and applies manufacturing overhead to jobs based on direct labor costs. what is the amount of cost of goods manufactured for the year
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Lucido products markets two computer games: claimjumper and makeover. a contribution format income statement for a recent month for the two games appears below: claimjumper makeover total sales $ 30,000 $ 70,000 $ 100,000 variable expenses 20,000 50,000 70,000 contribution margin $ 10,000 $ 20,000 30,000 fixed expenses 24,000 net operating income $ 6,000 required: 1. compute the overall contribution margin (cm) ratio for the company.. 2. compute the overall break-even point for the company in dollar sales. 3. complete the contribution format income statement at break-even point for the company showing the appropriate levels of sales for the two products. (do not round intermediate calculations.)
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16. the reason price equals marginal revenue in a perfectly competitive market is that: consumer advocacy groups maintain a steady price.since price is constant, the added revenue from selling one more unit is the price.the law prohibits marginal revenue from diverging from market price.marginal revenue is always equal to marginal cost.
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Why is it vital to maintain a designer worksheet? a. it separates the designs chosen for the season...
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