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Max fischer is a beekeeper. his annual group insurance costs 11,700. his employer pays 60% of the cost. how much does max pay semimonthly for it?

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​simmons, inc. uses​ lower-of-cost-or-market to value its inventory. data regarding an item in its inventory is as​ follows: cost $26 replacement cost 20 selling price 30 cost of completion and disposal 2 normal profit margin 7 what is the​ lower-of-cost-or-market for this​ item?
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Which statement is true of both presidential and parliamentary systems of government? a. the executive branch operates independently from the legislative branch. b. the members of the legislative branch are directly elected by the people. c. the head of government is chosen by members of his or her political party. d. the head of government is directly elected by the people
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Apublisher for a promising new novel figures fixed costs​ (overhead, advances,​ promotion, copy​ editing, typesetting, and so​ on) at ​$55 comma 000​, and variable costs​ (printing, paper,​ binding, shipping) at ​$1.30 for each book produced. with this​ pricing, 3504 books need to be produced and sold at $ 17.00 each for the publisher to break even. ​ however, rising prices for paper require an increase in variable costs to ​$1.80 for each book produced. use this information to complete parts a. through c. a. what strategies might the company use to deal with this increase in​ costs? choose all that are reasonable. a. find different suppliers to try and lower the variable costs. your answer is correct.b. decrease the fixed costs. c. increase the selling price of the book. your answer is correct.d. increase the font size of the print in the book. b. if the company continues to sell books at ​$17​, how many books must they now sell to make a​ profit? the publisher must produce and sell at least 3619 books to make a profit. ​(round up to the nearest whole​ book.) c. if the company wants to start making a profit at the same production level as before the cost increase from ​$1.30 to ​$1.80​, how much should the publisher sell the book for​ now? in order for the company to start making a profit at the same production level as​ before, the publisher should sell the book for more than the break even​ point, which is approximately ​$ nothing.
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Yowell company began operations on january 1, year 1. during year 1, the company engaged in the following cash transactions: 1) issued stock for $50,000 2) borrowed $30,000 from its bank 3) provided consulting services for $48,000 cash 4) paid back $20,000 of the bank loan 5) paid rent expense for $11,500 6) purchased equipment for $17,000 cash 7) paid $3,500 dividends to stockholders 8) paid employees' salaries of $26,000 what is yowell's net cash flow from operating activities?
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Max fischer is a beekeeper. his annual group insurance costs 11,700. his employer pays 60% of the co...
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