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Which statement or statements are implied by equilibrium conditions of the loanable funds market? a firm borrowing in the loanable funds market invests those funds with a higher expected return than any firm that is not borrowing. investment projects which use borrowed funds are guaranteed to be profitable even after paying interest expenses. the quantity of savings is maximized, thus the quantity of investment is maximized. a loan is made at the minimum interest rate of all current borrowing.

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Suppose that the world price of steel is​ $100 a​ ton, india does not trade​ internationally, and the equilibrium price of steel in india is​ $60 a ton. suppose that india now begins to trade internationally. the price of steel in india​ the quantity of steel produced in india​ a. does not​ change; does not change b. ​falls; increases c. ​falls; decreases d. ​rises; decreases e. ​rises; increases the quantity of steel bought by india​ india​ steel. a. ​increases; exports b. ​decreases; imports c. ​decreases; exports d. does not​ change; neither imports nor exports e. ​increases; imports
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Marta communications, inc. has provided incomplete financial statements for the month ended march 31. the controller has asked you to calculate the missing amounts in the incomplete financial statements. use the information included in the excel simulation and the excel functions described below to complete the task
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Which of the following is likely not a benefit of requiring a grand jury to listen to and examine all of the evidence against a person suspected of committing a serious crime and then independently deciding whether or not to hand down an indictment? 1.the grand jury system provides the accused another safeguard against being sent to trial and facing conviction based on flawed evidence. 2.the members of the grand jury are drawn from the community and are empowered to render independent decisions about whether or not the government has collected enough evidence to bring an individual to trial. 3.the grand jury’s decision can provide prosecutors insight into what is necessary to build a sufficient case if a similar crime is presented later. 4.the grand jury is impaneled to rubber-stamp prosecutors’ cases, which makes it possible for more cases to reach trial.
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Afirm wants to strengthen its financial position. which of the following actions would increase its quick ratio? a. offer price reductions along with generous credit terms that would (1) enable the firm to sell some of its excess inventory and (2) lead to an increase in accounts receivable.b. issue new common stock and use the proceeds to increase inventories.c. speed up the collection of receivables and use the cash generated to increase inventories.d. use some of its cash to purchase additional inventories.e. issue new common stock and use the proceeds to acquire additional fixed assets.
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