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Calculating and interpreting eps information wells fargo reports the following information in its 2015 form 10-k. in millions 2015 2014 wells fargo net income $24,005 $24,168 preferred stock dividends $1,535 $1,347 common stock dividends $7,400 $6,908 average common shares outstanding 5,136.5 5,237.2 diluted average common shares outstanding 5,209.8 5,324.4 determine wells fargo's basic eps for fiscal 2015 and for fiscal 2014. round answers to two decimal places.

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The treasurer for pittsburgh iron works wishes to use financial futures to hedge her interest rate exposure. she will sell five treasury futures contracts at $139,000 per contract. it is july and the contracts must be closed out in december of this year. long-term interest rates are currently 7.30 percent. if they increase to 9.50 percent, assume the value of the contracts will go down by 20 percent. also if interest rates do increase by 2.2 percent, assume the firm will have additional interest expense on its business loans and other commitments of $149,000. this expense, of course, will be separate from the futures contracts. a. what will be the profit or loss on the futures contract if interest rates increase to 9.50 percent by december when the contract is closed out
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Areal estate agent is considering changing her cell phone plan. there are three plans to choose from, all of which involve a monthly service charge of $20. plan a has a cost of $.42 a minute for daytime calls and $.17 a minute for evening calls. plan b has a charge of $.52 a minute for daytime calls and $.15 a minute for evening calls. plan c has a flat rate of $80 with 275 minutes of calls allowed per month and a charge of $.38 per minute beyond that, day or evening.a. determine the total charge under each plan for this case: 150 minutes of day calls and 70 minutes of evening calls in a month. (do not round intermediate calculations. round your answer to 2 decimal places. omit the "$" sign in your response.)c. if the agent will use the service for daytime calls, over what range of call minutes will each plan be optimal? (round each answer to the nearest whole number.include the indifference point itself in each answer.)d. suppose that the agent expects both daytime and evening calls. at what point (i.e., percentage of total call minutes used for daytime calls) would she be indifferent between plans a and b?
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Drag each label to the correct location on the image determine which actions by a manager are critical interactions - listening to complaints - interacting with customers - responding to complaints - assigning staff duties -taking action to address customer grievances -keeping track of reservations
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Determine if the following statements are true or false. an increase in government spending can crowd out private investment. an improvement in the budget balance increases the demand for financial capital. an increase in private consumption may crowd out private investment. lower interest rates can lead to private investment being crowded out. a trade balance in sur+ increases the supply of financial capital. if private savings is equal to private investment, then there is neither a budget sur+ nor a budget deficit.
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