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When someone buys a fourth television for his or her house, what is the result? a. there's a decrease in the marginal utility of the television. b. the increase in demand brings leads to higher prices for televisions. c. the production of televisions becomes more efficient. d. there's a rise in the opportunity cost of buying other goods.

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Gardner machine shop estimates manufacturing overhead costs for the coming year at $303,000. the manufacturing overhead costs will be allocated based on direct labor hours. gardner estimates 6000 direct labor hours for the coming year. in january, gardner completed job a33, which used 50 machine hours and 24 direct labor hours. what was the amount of manufacturing overhead allocated to job a33? (round any intermediate calculations to the nearest cent, and your final answer to the nearest dollar.) $1212 $3737 $2525 $6060
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Steele bicycle manufacturing company currently produces the handlebars used in manufacturing its bicycles, which are high-quality racing bikes with limited sales. steele produces and sells only 10,000 bikes each year. due to the low volume of activity, steele is unable to obtain the economies of scale that larger producers achieve. for example, steele could buy the handlebars for $31 each: they cost $34 each to make. the following is a detailed breakdown of current production costs: after seeing these figures, steele's president remarked that it would be foolish for the company to continue to produce the handlebars at $34 each when it can buy them for $31 each. calculate the total relevant cost. do you agree with the president's conclusion?
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B. by how much does this increase the average (per capita) income if the u.s. population is $320 million? instructions: enter your response rounded to two decimal places.
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Lambert manufacturing has $100,000 to invest in either project a or project b. the following data are available on these projects (ignore income taxes.): project a project b cost of equipment needed now $100,000 $60,000 working capital investment needed now - $40,000 annual cash operating inflows $40,000 $35,000 salvage value of equipment in 6 years $10,000 - both projects will have a useful life of 6 years and the total cost approach to net present value analysis. at the end of 6 years, the working capital investment will be released for use elsewhere. lambert's required rate of return is 14%. the net present value of project b is:
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