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Which two lines in this excerpt from guy de maupassant's short story "boule de suif" show that relations between most french and german people remained friendly despite the war? at the end of a short time, once the first terror had subsided, calm was again restored. in many houses the prussian officer ate at the same table with the family. he was often well-bred, and, out of politeness, expressed sympathy with france and repugnance at being compelled to take part in the war. this sentiment was received with gratitude; besides, his protection might be needful some day or other. by the exercise of tact the number of men quartered in one's house might be reduced; and why should one provoke the hostility of a person on whom one's whole welfare depended? such conduct would savor less of bravery than of fool- hardiness. and foolhardiness is no longer a failing of the citizens of rouen as it was in the days when their city earned renown by its heroic defenses. last of all-final argument based on the national politeness—the folk of rouen said to one another that it was only right to be civil in one's own house, provided there was no public exhibition of familiarity with the foreigner. out of doors, therefore, citizen and soldier did not know each other; but in the house both chatted freely, and each evening the german remained a little longer warming himself at the hospitable hearth. reset next

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