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Which of the following sentences from " the happy man" best supports the theme selected above?

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4. at the conclusion of frankenstein, robert walton has an encounter with the monster, who arrives after victor frankenstein has died. perhaps surprisingly, the monster mourns his creator and expresses remorse over the fate that victor suffered. the monster pledges to destroy himself and then departs, disappearing as he goes further north. how does the monster’s behavior and attitude in this part of the novel affect the way readers view him? is he sympathetic? is he more hateful because it is only after victor has died that he relents? how does the change in the monster fit with the theme of duality in the novel?
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Which sentence is correct? laura lent me her copy of cooking weekly so i could use a recipe. i enjoy doing crossword puzzles from the new york times. herman melville wrote the novel “moby d i ck.” maggie loves to read the smithsonian magazine.
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Read the passage. (1) since prehistoric times, milk has been a vital source of nutrition for human beings. (2) some doctors and nutritionists believe that consuming milk can be detrimental to our health. (3) milk is one of the most nutrient-dense beverages we can consume and it should be an essential part of a healthy diet. (4) drinking just one 8-ounce glass of milk per day puts you well on your way to meeting recommended daily intakes for important nutrients. which transition would be best to use at the beginning of sentence 2? finally additionally however specifically
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Which of the following is not one of the part of speech
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Which of the following sentences from " the happy man" best supports the theme selected above?...
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