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Identify a synonym to the word “swine” as used by chekhov. dog pig coward bad person

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In this excerpt from phillip freneau's poem “american liberty,” the speaker describes being “slaves and minions to a parliament.” what is the intended meaning of this hyperbole? and should we now when spread thro' ev'ry shore, submit to that our fathers shunn'd before? should we, just heaven, our blood and labour spent, be slaves and minions to a parliament? perish the thought, nor may one wretch remain, who dares not fight and in our cause be slain; a. the speaker feels that the colonists should pay their share of taxes. b. the speaker believes that the british government is broken and should be fixed. c. the speaker thinks that the colonists are being unfairly treated by the british government. d. the speaker intends to lead a slave revolt against the british government.
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Before ending this lesson, take a moment to review an informative research essay you have written. you’ve probably already written a conclusion to the essay. but is it the best conclusion it can be? does it properly summarize the main subtopics of your essay? does it state in one or two sentences the “so what” of your topic. if your topic was abraham lincoln, your essay shouldn’t be just about abraham lincoln. it should answer, “so what about abraham lincoln? ” take five or ten minutes, and looking only at that single paragraph, revise your conclusion
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Urgently need to do with 1-20. you very much!
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Which best describes the author's purpose in "dwaina brooks"? to inform readers about a historical event to persuade readers of a specific point of view to instruct readers about how to complete a task to inspire readers with a story about kindness
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Identify a synonym to the word “swine” as used by chekhov. dog pig coward bad person...
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