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How does brian feel about working with stacey on the story? use evidence from the text to support your answer.

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What is not one of the purposes of brutus’ soliloquy in act 2.1 of the tragedy of julius caesar? to explain his rationale for participating in the assassination plot against caesar to reveal his thoughts to reveal his values to show his relationship with his wife, portia
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Hey guys can you write any example for this you
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The greatest gift the sumerians gave the world was the invention of writing. the sumerians were wealthy people. they needed some way to keep track of what they owned. they began drawing pictures. they used a reed as a pen. they drew on soft pieces of clay. the soft clay was then dried in the sun. the tablet became a permanent record. later, the sumerian drawings changed into wedge-shaped symbols. this kind of writing is called cuneiform. by putting symbols together, the sumerians could write entire sentences.
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Subject: save the whales! dear professor crest, i know you are really busy and everything, but i was hoping that you could spend more time thinking about how to save the whales. it’s up to us to speak up on their behalf. it’s really wrong that some amusement parks use these poor, defenseless animals for recreational purposes. this must be stopped, and you’re the person to do it! ttyl, jules which revisions would make this e-mail more formal? check all that apply. a. removing the contractions b. removing the exclamation points c. removing the salutation d. removing the slang and casual speech e. removing the information about amusement parks
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How does brian feel about working with stacey on the story? use evidence from the text to support y...
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