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Is, the pulitzer prize is awarded each year, it awards excellence in journalism, letters, and music. a run on sentence

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Read the passage. when mother’s fever persisted for a week, father summoned our family doctor. dr. blakemore applied leeches to mother’s skin in hopes of reducing the amount of blood in her body. despite the doctor’s efforts, she languished in bed for three more days before her appetite returned and she requested a thin broth. our dear cook, mrs. davis, prepared the broth and delivered it to my mother directly, eager to ease her discomfort. what can readers infer about the time period of the passage?
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Questionlect the correct text in the passageshich sentence is a compound sentence? time is not always change. time can also mean continuity, and it can mean keeping acknowledged truths in mind despite differencescircumstances. there is no better example of this in things fall apart than the retellings of the proverb about the bird named both retellings is almost identical despite the length of time that has passed between their repetitions. in comparing the usages of thproverb, achebe allows his readers to note the similarities and differences between the situations, and he them understand howbe applied to their own lives.submit​
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What appeal are the drafters of the declaration using when they say they are prudent and reasonable men
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Hey guys! for my reading class we have to write a review about a movie that we ourselves can pick. i picked the movie the boy with striped pajamas. so if you could let a couple bullet points below i am willing to give you 20 points more than 10 bullet points about the movie and inserting facts and whats its about. plz by this week
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Is, the pulitzer prize is awarded each year, it awards excellence in journalism, letters, and music....
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