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The killing of a mockingbird: miss maudie says, “atticus finch is the same in his house as he is in public” (61). what evidence so far proves this true?

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(4) what has fields argued in his case before the supreme court?
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Apex english 4 semester 1 read the following story summary. when she was a child, sara hated her piano instructor, mr. singh. she felt she had already mastered the piano, but mr. singh constantly criticized her playing in a blunt and hurtful way. after sara grew up, she realized that mr. singh's strictness was responsible for the only edge she had over other pianists her age and the only reason she was able to succeed in music later in life. she learned to appreciate his tough love. what does the story most clearly suggest about the author's perspective? a.that a person should put his or her talents to good use b.that pursuing one's dream is paramount in life c.that the world is harsh and only the strong survive d.that adults have children's best interests in mind
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Abelief that one's culture is superior to another.
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Read the excerpt from rena's promise: two sisters in auschwitz. “i have a favor to ask of you, andrzej . . this is very difficult for me, but i must ask. it is no longer safe in tylicz for rena. her mother and i are worried for her safety every day.” “i heard what happened last night, mr. kornreich. i understand your concern.” “i have no money to pay you for this favor.” “sir, i would not take any money from you. she is my friend since childhood. i will do whatever you ask to your daughter.” “ you.” papa paused, stroking his chin where his beard should have been. “you seem like a man of your word. if you would bring rena across the border to slovakia, her mother and i might find sleep at night.” which best summarizes the excerpt? although he does not trust andrzej, rena’s father fears for his daughter’s life and finally agrees to leave her with him. slovakia is the only safe place for the jews of europe, and andrzej has agreed to take rena there. rena’s father asks andrzej to take her to safety in slovakia, and he agrees to do so. after much deliberation, rena’s father pays a polish man to take her safely across the border to slovakia. mark this and return
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The killing of a mockingbird: miss maudie says, “atticus finch is the same in his house as he is in...
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