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Compare dee’s and her mother’s spoken language

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In part one of "cruel tribute," how do king aegeus's actions affect the advancement of the plot? he causes ariadne to fall in love with theseus. he causes theseus to become the new king. he causes the birth of a hero in troezen. he causes king minos to become angry.
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Provide at least two quotes from the play romeo and juliet to show that the characters’ differences did or did not define them.
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Read the passage from an argumentative essay. many endangered species are currently threatened by climate change. there are some laws already in place, but are they effective enough? anyone with a conscience knows that these creatures deserve the chance to survive without outside threats impeding their survival. i suppose this is a tough decision for lawmakers, but i hope they choose wisely. which statement best evaluates the claim in the passage?
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Why college athletes should not get paid to play conclusion
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