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What effect does the narrative's point of view have on the reader's experience of the events? the reader is shown both the views of women's suffrage supporters and of its opponents. the reader receives a broad historical overview of the women's suffrage movement from an objective source. the reader learns about the women's suffrage movement from the standpoint of someone who is close to it but has not worked in it. the reader is allowed to share directly in the feelings of a leader of the women's suffrage movement.

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Lots of elementary school kids play sports after school. they play soccer, tennis, football, baseball, and even lacrosse. but i think that another great way to spend the afternoon is by playing a non-physical activity: chess. at our school we have a chess club that meets every week to play games and to learn about chess-related issues. chess is a wonderful game for many reasons. chess teaches students to be patient and not rush decisions. chess also teaches students how to strategize their future plans. and finally, chess teaches students the importance and necessity of sacrifice. chess can teach students just as much as any other sport. which sentence could best be added to this paragraph as a supporting detail? a) chess is not as fun as playing a sport outdoors might be. b) my father is very good at chess and plays a game with me every night. c) chess teaches students to think ahead about the consequences of their actions. d) other activities that are as fun as chess are painting, drawing, dancing, and acting.
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What effect does the narrative's point of view have on the reader's experience of the events? the r...
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