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Read the excerpt from the travels of marco polo and study the map. when the traveler leaves kuh-banan he goes for fully eight days through a desert. . after these eight days he reaches a province called tun and kain, where there are cities and towns in plenty. it is situated on the northern borders of persia. there is an immense plain here, in which stands the solitary tree, which the christians call the dry tree. based on the excerpt and the map, what makes the journey to kain difficult? the kais sea travel through shiraz mountains and dry conditions the dry tree plains

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Match each literary device to its definition. pun the use of humor and exaggeration to mock or criticize people's impractical thoughts and practices irony the use of words in a way that conveys the opposite of what they mean paradox the use of a word with more than one possible meaning with the intention of creating humor satire ideas or concepts that seem absurd or contradictory but are nevertheless true arrowboth arrowboth arrowboth arrowboth
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Research the literary work you want to discuss and gather enough evidence to support your thesis statement. then write a 300-word essay. apply the writing strategies you explored in this lesson.
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American history (is, are) studying the american colonies.
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Which textbook section would you use to identify the books and articles the author used or referred to in writing the book? introduction bibliography index table of contents
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Read the excerpt from the travels of marco polo and study the map. when the traveler leaves kuh-bana...
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