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Read the excerpt from julio's essay about folk tales. when people think of the grimms’ fairy tales, they think of well-loved children's stories. the cleaned-up adaptations we read now have a reputation for being childhood favorites. however, the stories did not start out that way. the grimm brothers actually collected tales that were passed on from person to person about terrible living conditions and challenges that people faced. these stories are dark and often tragic. but germany is not the only source of folklore that, rather than serving as bedtime stories, might keep kids up at night or give them nightmares. tales of monsters, evil witches, and other horrors can be found in other cultures as well. for example, the baba yaga stories from russia and other slavic countries portray a scary-looking witch who flies around in a mortar, carries a pestle, and might or harm, depending on her mood. she is not exactly a calming character for sleepy children. which thesis does julio present effectively? the grimms' fairy tales are well-loved children's stories. many folk tales are not happy children’s stories but dark, realistic tales. all folk tales are dark, realistic tales. the grimms' fairy tales we read now are the most realistic versions.

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Which of the following highlight the literary significance of elie wiesel's speech? select all that apply. it uses rhetorical devices to persuade with pathos. it assigns meaning to the existentialist nature of life. it won the nobel prize for literature. it attempts to put into words the unspeakable horror.
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Which example is presented in chronological
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The following question asks about one or more selections from your literature textbook. you may use your textbook to answer this question. both “lob’s girl” and “jeremiah’s song” contain flashbacks. in a paragraph, explain what this plot technique adds to the stories. support your answer with one detail from each story.
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Which sentence is punctuated correctly?  a.under a microscope; the organisms look a bit like ruffled tennis balls they have armored plates that fit together to make a round shape. b.when the water is disturbed; the organisms respond by glowing this makes swimmers look like floating beams of blue light. c.there is a bay in puerto rico that seems to light up at night; the light comes from tiny organisms in the water. d.the luminescence attracts visitors from around the world people are curious to see; this beautiful otherworldly sight.
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Read the excerpt from julio's essay about folk tales. when people think of the grimms’ fairy tales,...
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