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Is we wear the mask and jabari unmasked wearing the same mask for the same reason?

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Acomplex sentence contains . one subject and one verb
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Which two sets of lines in this excerpt from "the lady of shalott" by alfred, lord tennyson describe actions taken by the lady of shalott to defy the curse? in the stormy east-wind straining, the pale yellow woods were waning, the broad stream in his banks complaining, heavily the low sky raining over tower'd camelot; outside the isle a shallow boat beneath a willow lay afloat, below the carven stern she wrote, the lady of shalott…. with a steady stony glance— like some bold seer in a trance, beholding all his own mischance, mute, with a glassy countenance— she look'd down to camelot. it was the closing of the day: she loos'd the chain, and down she lay; the broad stream bore her far away, the lady of shalott. as when to sailors while they roam, by creeks and outfalls far from home, rising and dropping with the foam, from dying swans wild warblings come, blown shoreward; so to camelot still as the boathead wound along the willowy hills and fields among, they heard her chanting her deathsong, the lady of shalott.
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Javier is writing a literary analysis of the secret garden. read this introduction to his essay. frances burnett’s “the secret garden” explores the challenges of a sickly, self-centered little girl named mary lennox. after mary’s parents die of cholera, she moves from india to england to live at her uncle’s estate in yorkshire. while living at the old estate, mary discovers an abandoned garden that belonged to her deceased aunt. tending to the neglected garden brings mary joy, and her health improves. through mary’s transformation, burnett presents nature as a symbol of rebirth and healing. which piece of textual evidence should javier use to support the claim made in the introduction? a. “‘it’s in the garden no one can go into,’ she said to herself. ‘it’s the garden without a door. he lives in there. how i wish i could see what it is like! ’” b. “in india she had always felt hot and too languid to care much about anything. the fact was that the fresh wind from the moor had begun to blow the cobwebs out of her young brain and to waken her up a little.” c. “mary felt lonelier than ever when she knew she was no longer in the house. she went out into the garden as quickly as possible, and the first thing she did was to run round and round the fountain flower garden ten times.” d. “‘it isn’t a quite dead garden,’ she cried out softly to herself. ‘even if the roses are dead, there are other things alive.’”
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Was dr king right to connect the struggle for civil rights to the war in veitnam​
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