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Read the excerpt. far-called, our navies melt away— on dune and headland sinks the fire— lo, all our pomp of yesterday is one with nineveh and tyre! what has happened to the “pomp of yesterday" in these lines from “recessional" by rudyard kipling? it is being fought for by the military. it lives forever in the hearts of the people. it has melted away in the fire. it has disappeared like empires of old.

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Branliest + 100 points for this assessment you must create presentation using web 2.0 or multi media tools to analyze a story read from huckleberry finn. (i will make presentation i just need the answers) first gather your notes about the following characters from both huckleberry finn and romeo and juliet. buck miss sophia harney shepherdson romeo juliet one other character from romeo and juliet next match the characters from huckleberry finn with those from romeo and juliet which character most closely represents juliet? romeo? a third character from the play? once you have made these decisions right presentation that illustrates these connections. explain the similarities and differences between each character pair. finally draw conclusion about your comparisons and contrast of characters. specifically what is it that you conclude about the authors message in each work. is it similar or different?
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How does the first section of the memoir conclude?
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In the reading, i know why the caged bird sings, marguerite views mrs. flowers as a larger than life personality. which quote from the text most strongly supports how marguerite views mrs. flowers? question 18 options: a) “i’ll accept no excuse if you return a book to me that has been badly handled.” b) “you see, i had planned to invite you for cookies and lemonade so we could have this little chat.” c) “there was a little path beside the rocky road, and mrs. flowers walked in front swinging her arms and picking her way over the stones.” d) “somehow i had never connected mrs. flowers with food or eating or any other common experience of common people.”
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The first half of your assignment is to turn your argumentative research essay from lesson 2 into a speech. the second half of the assignment is to provide a works- cited page that lists all your sources. you will also need to go back over theparenthetical citations in your essay so that sources match up with the entries on your works-cited page.
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Read the excerpt. far-called, our navies melt away— on dune and headland sinks the fire— lo, all our...
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