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Read the excerpt from mark twain's "the £1,000,000 bank-note". well, i was perfectly honest and square with her; told her i hadn't a cent in the world but just the million-pound note she'd heard so much talk about, and it didn't belong to me, and that started her curiosity; and then i talked low, and told her the whole history right from the start, and it nearly killed her laughing. what in the nation she could find to laugh about i couldn't see, but there it was; every half-minute some new detail would fetch her, and i would have to stop as much as a minute and a half to give her a chance to settle down again. why, she laughed herself lame--she did, indeed; i never saw anything like it. i mean i never saw a painful story--a story of a person's troubles and worries and fears--produce just that kind of effect before. which rhetorical device is demonstrated in the excerpt?

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Review the passage from “the listeners.” for he suddenly smote on the door, even louder, and lifted his head: — "tell them i came, and no one answered, that i kept my word," he said. based on this passage, what is the best inference about the man?
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The development of new inventions in the field of space travel seemed rapid. how does the word rapid function in a sentence?
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Which of these flaws does ulysses reveal while leaving the island after blinding the cyclops? a. a need for comfort b. a need for companionship c. a desire for glory d. a desire for riches
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What is the climax of chapter 2 of the the sound and the fury? a. the compsons sell their plot of land to send quentin to harvard. b. quentin drops out of school. c. quentin commits suicide. d. caddy gets pregnant.
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Read the excerpt from mark twain's "the £1,000,000 bank-note". well, i was perfectly honest and squa...
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