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Read the excerpt from the riddle of the rosetta stone, by james cross giblin. young had learned to read before he was two, and by the age of twenty had mastered a dozen foreign languages including arabic, persian, and turkish. an inheritance from an uncle left him free to pursue his scientific interests. at various times, young studied the habits of spiders, the surface features of the moon, and diseases of the chest. then, intrigued by the challenge of the rosetta stone, he put aside his other studies and concentrated on attempting to decipher the writing on it. young had read of de sacy's and akerblad's work in paris, and was determined to succeed where they had failed. the details in this excerpt hint that giblin has a

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Which sentence uses a verb that agrees with its subject
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Sally rises every morning at 6: 30 am. after deep-breathing exercises, she dresses in sweats and sport shoes for a morning jog over the same paths in lakewood park. on average, her jog takes 23 minutes. the rest of her day also follows a formula. dinner is at 6: 30. at 7: 00, she turns on the tv to watch the national news. and so it goes. some say sally is a boring person. sally declares she is not at all boring, just well organized. the paragraph is organized by a. showing cause and effect. b. comparison. c. time. d. importance.
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Men sample of a metaphor? o a she was as busy as a bee. o b, his room was like a prison. o c. she has a heart of stone, d. she is an uncaring person.
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The words screaming and rushed in the passage suggest which tone in the story the metamorphosis a.) tense b.) positive c.) fun d.) formal
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Read the excerpt from the riddle of the rosetta stone, by james cross giblin. young had learned to r...
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