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Chapter iii the author diverts the emperor, and his nobility of both sexes, in a very uncommon manner—the diversions of the court of lilliput described—the author has his liberty granted him, upon certain conditions. my gentleness and good behavior had gained so far on the emperor and his court, and indeed upon the army and people in general, that i began to conceive hopes of getting my liberty in a short time. i took all possible methods to cultivate this favorable disposition. the natives came by degrees to be less apprehensive of any danger from me. i would sometimes lie down and let five or six of them dance on my hand . . based on the passage above, how would you characterize the motives of the narrator? the narrator is laying the groundwork for multiple religious conversions. the narrator hopes to be able to conquer these people. the narrator foresees a rich future coming to him after his book is published. the narrator wants to establish relationships with people from another land.

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Throughout the memoir, the prisoners are made equal in the way they are treated, and again, eliezer sees their equality in another way. how does he describe the equality?
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Imagination. experience. determination. trustworthiness.
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Which statement best explains orwell's feelings about his role as a british police officer living in burma? a.) orwell dislike the imperialist practices of the british but also dislike the treatment he received from the burmese
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How does the illustration the reader understand the text? read the passage and study the image from sugar grinders.
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Chapter iii the author diverts the emperor, and his nobility of both sexes, in a very uncommon manne...
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