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Which element of the national geographic video most clearly sends a message that the flu is worrisome? a. the bright colors b. the use of the word “attack” in the title c. the bright colors in the farm photo d. the use of the word”flu” in the title

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Read the section "trump wants a change in terms."which sentence from the section shows why there are discussions about the future of nafta? a)he has said that he wants to change the terms of the agreement and has even threatened to pull the u.s. out of nafta.b)in response, negotiators from all three countries have been meeting to discuss possible changes to the agreement.c)the sixth round of talks was held in montreal, canada, on january 29.d)nafta has allowed goods to travel freely across north america.
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What is the theme of "the necklace"
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Along the sea-sands damp and brown the traveller hastens toward the town, what is the effect of the enjambment in these two lines? it emphasizes the idea that each line is a separate thought. it creates a rhyme scheme between the two lines. it encourages the reader to pause between the two lines. it strengthens the connection between the two lines.
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Read the paragraph. we heard music coming from the auditorium so we crept up to the door in peaked in. i couldn’t believe my eyes! a group of dancers were on stage in the most beautiful costumes i have ever seen. i looked at mabel and she looked back at me with the same expression. our eyes were wide with joy and wonder. which point of view does the narrator use
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