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Read the excerpts from “take the tortillas out of your poetry” and “speaking arabic.” my friend had concluded that if he took his language and culture out of his poetry, he stood a better chance of receiving a fellowship. he took out his native language, the poetic patois of our reality, the rich mixture of spanish, english, pachuco and street talk which we know so well. in other words, he took the tortillas out of his poetry, which is to say he took the soul out of his poetry. at a neighborhood fair in texas, somewhere between the german oom-pah sausage stand and the mexican gorditas booth, i overheard a young man say to his friend, “i wish i had a heritage. sometimes i feel—so lonely for one.” and the tall american trees were dangling their thick branches right down over his head. which best states how the structures of both excerpts support ideas about cultural diversity? each incorporates non-english words. each incorporates academic words. each incorporates offensive words. each incorporates nonsense words.

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"the bane of the internet" is written in first-person subjective point of view, so the narrator a) tells the story as it is happening b)tells the story as it is happened in the past c)is a minor character who tells the story as it is happening d)none of the above
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Review the theme beauty exists within each person which line from beauty best communicates this theme
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Read the lines from "there was a child went forth" and answer the question. and the apple-trees cover'd with blossoms, and the fruit afterward, and wood-berries, and the commonest weeds by the road; and the old drunkard staggering home from the out-house of the tavern, whence he had lately risen, and the school-mistress that pass'd on her way to the school, and the friendly boys that pass'd—and the quarrelsome boys, and the tidy and fresh-cheek'd girls—and the barefoot negro boy and girl, and all the changes of city and country, wherever he went. which poetic device is exemplified in this stanza? select all that apply. allegory anaphora imagery metaphor
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Plz asap read this sentence from paragraph 3 of the article. the boys and girls are merely asked to obtain the signatures of ten friends or relatives. how does the word "merely" affect the meaning of the sentence? a- it suggests that asking people to subscribe to the washington times is something negative. b- it implies that obtaining ten signatures is not a requirement for receiving a prize. c- it downplays the fact that to win the prize, children must ask people to subscribe to the washington times. d- it emphasizes that children receive the prize only if they obtain ten signatures.
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Read the excerpts from “take the tortillas out of your poetry” and “speaking arabic.” my friend had...
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