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Whats does walter decision to move to the house create for the audience?

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Read the statement below then decide whether you agree or disagree with it. be prepared to support your opinion with details from the story. here's your discussion prompt: obviously the characters in shakespeare's play find mark antony's speech really convincing, but shakespeare wrote the play so that they would. but if you were to remove the easily swayed audience and replace it with a more objective audience, mark antony's speech would still stand up as a convincing work of rhetoric.
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How does this excerpt from of plymouth plantation show the influence of religion in early american literature? puritans believed it was by god's provision of protection that they survived. puritans believed god must be included in all written documents puritans believed god would give them a simpler path to their destination puritans believed their experiences would influence others to follow god's path ?
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Write the usage of these given patterns of writing: •so. . . that. •had hardly . . . when​
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According to the article why is salmon is pink​
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Whats does walter decision to move to the house create for the audience?...
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