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Eslid down from the tree, and struck off again into the woods. his face was set and he forced the machinery of his mind to function. three hundred yards from his hiding place he stopped where a huge dead tree leaned precariously on a smaller, living one. throwing off his sack of food, rainsford took his knife from its sheath and began to work with all his energy. the job was finished at last, and he threw himself down behind a fallen log a hundred feet away. he did not have to wait long. the cat was coming again to play with the mouse. —"the most dangerous game," richard connell this passage from the story describes rainsford setting the malay mancatcher trap. write three to five sentences explaining how the film version of this scene is similar to or different from the written scene. why do you think the filmmakers made these choices?

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The wizard of oz provides an example of a universal idea that connects with most readers. dorothy is lost in oz. during her journey, she comes to understand that there is no place like home. the author, l. frank baum, includes colorful descriptions to readers picture the strange place where dorothy has landed. this to convey the feeling of being lost. most readers can relate to this feeling through a variety of personal experiences. this universal truth allows readers to connect to the character, and in turn to feel less lonely and isolated themselves. which literary terms should be included in this body paragraph? check all that apply. characterization imagery irony theme setting
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Read the excerpt from act 1, scene 3, of julius caesar. cassius. am i not stayed for? tell me. cinna. yes, you are. o cassius, if you could but win the noble brutus to our party— cassius. be you content. good cinna, take this paper and look you lay it in the praetor’s chair, where brutus may but find it. and throw this in at his window. set this up with wax upon old brutus’ statue. all this done, repair to pompey’s porch, where you shall find us. is decius brutus and trebonius there? cinna. all but metellus cimber, and he’s gone to seek you at your house. well, i will hie, and so bestow these papers as you bade me. cassius. that done, repair to pompey’s theatre. what is cassius’s motivation for sending brutus the letter? cassius wants to make sure that cinna is on his side. cassius wants to reassure cinna that brutus will follow them. cassius wants to sway brutus to kill caesar. cassius wants to alert brutus about the conspiracy against him.
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Dentify the reasons that support the claim. check all that apply. claim: students should be required to take at least one online class. learning entirely remotely is one option that many schools offer. online classes provide more flexibility in students’ schedules. everyone enjoys using a computer, so online learning is more fun than traditional learning. one online class should be a mandated part of any school’s curriculum. students learn valuable skills they can apply in online college courses.
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Read the presentation assignment. the intended audience for this presentation is a group of research four in-state colleges. learn about each school including its location and population. then gather information about the courses of study offered at each school. you should also collect other interesting facts, such as school colors, mascots, and athletic offerings. you will present a speech to your classmates that explains your findings, and we will save the results. this information will be of great value in the next few years. college professors. college students high school teachers. high school students.
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