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Which of the following statements regarding emotion and altruism is true

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Why is it important that salads have crunch factors, color, and appropriate dressings? a. the salad will appeal to customers with varied tastes. b. it is easy to get away with poor quality ingredients. c. it is a good way to use up leftovers. d. it will give the customer something to enjoy in each bite. e. it use more products.
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2paragraphs choose one team sport and one individual sport. what are the advantages and disadvantages of having to play each of these sports in gym class?
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Which practice is harmful to the land? a. using animal waste as fertilizer b. composting with peels from commercial fruit c. throwing paint cans in the garbage d. cutting the lawn with a gas-powered mower
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Andrew loves to go camping and hiking in the fall. about two weeks after his last camping trip, he noticed an expanding red, target shaped, rash on his arm. to avoid this illness, andrew should have select one: a. boiled his water before drinking. b. avoided contact with ticks. c. avoided contact with fleas found on mice. d. camped only in the spring.
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Which of the following statements regarding emotion and altruism is true...
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