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What are three types of progress are illustrated in “american progress” by john gast a. agricultural, industrial, legal b. intellectual, technical, farming c. religious, scientific, electronic d. industrial , intellectual, technical

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How did the printing press make it difficult for the catholic church to stop the reformation? o a. priests were too busy printing and distributing bibles to oppose protestantism. o b. it created a growing middle class that was no longer interested in religion. o c. critics of the catholic church were able to quickly replace any hey writings the church destroyed. d. there were few printing presses in italy, where leadership of the catholic church was centered.
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Soon-yi's house has a hexagonal window made up of six identical equilateral triangles as pictured below.
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Victor has a good relationship with all of his teachers. true or false?if you can
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The picture below shows president richard nixon and the first lady standing before the great wall of china in 1972. they are smiling - as are the chinese with them. when this picture was shown on american television, americans were aware that it was a historic moment. what are two reasons why this moment was important for both china and the united states?
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What are three types of progress are illustrated in “american progress” by john gast a. agricultura...
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