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How can our system of federalism lead to conflict between the states and the federal government?

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Whoever gets these right gets marked brainlest frods and wrong anwsers will get reported and emaild to for doing this just for points! history and geography 600 – unit 6: eastern europe quiz 3: modern history communism, no one owns any private property. truefalse 2.communism ended in eastern europe because would no longer support it with military force. germany great britain the soviet union the united states 3.the soviet union was ruled by the secretary general and a committee of fifteen men called the kievs politburo villeins bolsheviks way to begin the communist revolution was to create among the workers. poverty dissension 5.the first world power to embrace communism was rassia germani china 6.the capital of east germany was: brussels east berlin bonn warsaw balkan country is: romania russia poland germany the balkan countries, the romans built: roads churches public baths stores 9.the soviet leader whose reforms led to the end of communism in russia and eastern europe was: joseph stalin lech walesa mikhail gorbachev nikita khrushchev 10.communist leaders came to power without the backing of the soviet union in: poland east germany yugoslavia hungary 11.stalin was: kind benevolent cruel live 12.the former name of the russian communists was: . romanovs bolsheviks vladimirs kievs 13.khrushchev improved living conditions for the russian people by: reducing the secret police reading the bible letting people own property having free elections you to all the people that have the right anwser
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Why did england's citizens restore the monarchy after the rule of oliver cromwell?
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What do you think greene meant then he siad the "success of the day seemed to be doubtful for a long time"?
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During world war ii, us naval forces were able to intercept the japanese fleet before it reached midway because
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