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Select the correct answer. read this passage from dr. john wallis’s work the origin of the royal society, 1645–1662: we then discoursed of the circulation of the blood, the valves in the veins, the venae lactae, the lymphatic vessels, the copernican hypothesis, the nature of comets and new stars, the satellites of jupiter, the oval shape (as it then appeared) of saturn, the spots in the sun, and its turning on its own axis, the inequalities and selenography of the moon, the several phases of venus and mercury, the improvement of telescopes, and grinding of glasses for that purpose, the weight of air, the possibility, or impossibility of vacuities, and nature’s abhorrence thereof, the torricellian experiment in quicksilver, the descent of heavy bodies, and the degrees of acceleration therein; and divers other things of like nature. some of which were then but new discoveries, and others not so generally known and embraced, as now they are, with other things appertaining to what has been called the new philosophy, which from the times of galileo at florence, and sir francis bacon (lord verulam) in england, has been much cultivated in italy, france, germany, and other parts abroad, as well as with us in england. what does the passage tell about the royal society? a. its members published the works of the scientists during the scientific revolution. b. its members discussed developments in the fields of astronomy, physics, and medicine. c. its members encouraged the works of scientists from only italy, france, and germany. d. its members tried to maintain good relations between the scientific academies and the church. e. its members discussed and encouraged the works of medieval scientists.

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Select the correct answer. read this passage from dr. john wallis’s work the origin of the royal soc...
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