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“. . when in the wrought chest the wind blowing over and the sea heaving struck her [danae] with fear, her cheeks not dry, she put her arm over perseus and spoke: my child such trouble i have. and you sleep, your heart is placid; you dream in the joyless wood; in the night nailed in bronze, in the blue dark you lie still and shine. the salt water that towers above your head as the wave goes by you heed not, nor the wind’s voice; you press your bright face to the red blanket. if this danger were danger to you, your small ear would attend my words. but i tell you, sleep, my baby, and let the sea sleep, let our trouble sleep . .” —simonides, greek poet, as quoted in a soaring spirit: time frame 600–400 b. c. how does danae feel about perseus? a. she loves him deeply. b. she doesn’t care what happens to him. c. she is angry at him. d. she wants to leave him behind. select the best answer from the choices provided a b c d

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“. . when in the wrought chest the wind blowing over and the sea heaving struck her [danae] with fe...
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