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Which of these belongs to the united states after the spanish american war ?

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European imperialism in the 19th century was largely motivated by a desire to: o a. assert power over other parts of the world. b. end the racist policies practiced in many foreign countries. o c. defend europe from aggressive foreign armies. d. relocate ethnic and religious minorities within national borders.
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Explain how zollverein, a tariff agreement, to unite the german states.
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In 1944, the supreme court upheld the authority of the u.s. government to order the internment of a minority group in the interest of national security, even though there was no evidence that any members of this group were disloyal to the united states. should the same policy be applied today against u.s. muslims or muslim immigrants? why or why not? are these forms of internment different from native reservations? if so how? if not, why?
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Determine whether the descriptions match iran, iraq, or both. oil-rich nation predominantly sunni population predominantly shia population powerful leader was ayatollah khomeini powerful leader was saddam hussein
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Which of these belongs to the united states after the spanish american war ?...
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