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Given: circle o, cd is diameter, chord ab || cd. arc ab = 74°, find arc ca.

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The graph represents the gallons of water in a water tank with respect to the number of hours since it was completely filled
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Who study hindi is 20 fewer than those who study english only. how many students study hindi only? वटा विद्याधर आएको एउटा विद्यालयमा विद्यार्थीहरू नेवारी मैथली, दुवै अथवा अरू कुनै अध्ययन गर्न सक्छन् । दुवैथरीपर हर्न अति दुबैधरी अध्ययन गर्ने छन् । मैथली अध्ययन गर्नेको एक चौथाइले नेवारी पनि अध्ययन गर्दछन् । नेवारीदस अहो मा मैथली भार यवन गर्ने भन्दा 30 ले कम छ । नेवारी मात्र कति जनाले अध्ययन गर्दछन् ? is a certain school of 600 students, the students can study newari, maithali, both or neither. just as manystudy both as study nesther. one quarter of those who study maithali also study newari. the total numberwe say newan is 30 fewer than those who study maithali only. how many students study newari only? ८.४.१४३३।​
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Me asap on # : explain how factoring a trinomial, ax^2+ bx+ c, when a does not equal 1 different from factoring a trinomial when a = 1.
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Arestaurant chef made 1 1/2 jars of pasta sauce. each serving of pasta requires 1/2 of a jar of sauce. how many servings of pasta will the chef be able to prepare using the sauce?
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Given: circle o, cd is diameter, chord ab || cd. arc ab = 74°, find arc ca....
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