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Aresearcher is interested in determining if a psychic really has power to predict. the researcher takes four cards, each of a different type: king, queen, jack, and ace. after mixing up the cards many times and he selects one card without showing the psychic. the researcher asks the psychic which card was selected. the researcher records if the psychic was correct or not. the researcher does this two hundred times. if the psychic really has special abilities then he should pick the correct card more often then if it was by chance alone. the researcher is interested in determining if the card was identified correctly significantly more often then chance would suggest. what would be the null and alternative hypothesis for this case

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Can someone me do math because i am having a breakdown rn because i don’t get it
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The reflexive property of congruence lets you say that ∠pqr ≅
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An investment of 1000 earned 3.7 interest and is compounded semiannually. which equation models growth in the given scenario
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The following data show the brand, price ($), and the overall score for 6 stereo headphones that were tested by consumer reports (consumer reports website, march 5, 2012). the overall score is based on sound quality and effectiveness of ambient noise reduction. scores range from 0 (lowest) to 100 (highest). the estimated regression equation for these data is = 23.194 + .318x, where x = price ($) and y = overall score. brand price ($) score bose 180 76 skullcandy 150 71 koss 95 61 phillips/o'neill 70 56 denon 70 40 jvc 35 26 a. compute sst, ssr, and sse (to 3 decimals). sst ssr sse b. compute the coefficient of determination r 2. comment on the goodness of fit (to 2 decimals). r 2 = c. what is the value of the sample correlation coefficient? (to 3 decimals) r =
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Aresearcher is interested in determining if a psychic really has power to predict. the researcher ta...
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