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Y + 6.2x = -13 , when x= -4

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James is playing his favorite game at the arcade. after playing the game 3 times, he has 8 tokens remaining. he initially had 20 tokens, and the game costs the same number of tokens each time. the number t of tokens james has is a function of g, the number of games he plays. write the function’s formula? t=
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Someone answer asap for ! michele pushes a box d meters across a floor. she uses a force f, in newtons, to push the box. she pushes the box for t seconds. the formula p = fd/t calculates the power, p, in watts, that it takes for michele to complete the task. solve the formula for d.
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Which equation represents a direct linear variationa. y=x2b. y=2/5xc. y=1/xd. y=x+3​
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Three students each examine the system of linear equations shown. 8x + 4y = 16 8x + 2y = 8 caleb says there is exactly one solution. jeremy says there is no solution. kim says there are infinitely many solutions. which student is correct? provide mathematical reasoning to support your answer. answer in complete sentences. : d
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Y + 6.2x = -13 , when x= -4...
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