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Lance is a member of the professional organization iceaa. he always attends its annual conferences because it provides a great opportunity for with members of the same profession. in addition to the conference, iceaa organizes for members who are seeking better employment opportunities.

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Identify how the virginia declaration of rights lead to an expansion of civil rights both in the states of virginia and, later in the entire united states
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Of the following choices, which ones are characteristics of west african society? select all that apply. a. arabic was the main language used when trading with other societies. b. christianity was the only religion practiced in villages. c. slaves had no rights and were only given specific farming tasks. d. skilled workers were a higher level in the caste system than traders. e. religious rituals encouraged the honoring of ancestors.
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Aresearcher conducting behavioral research collects individually identifiable sensitive information about illicit drug use and other illegal behaviors by surveying college students. the data are stored on a laptop computer without encryption, and the laptop computer is stolen from the researcher’s car on the way home from work. this is an unanticipated problem that must be reported because the incident was (a) unexpected (i.e., the researchers did not anticipate the theft); (b) related to participation in the research; and (c) placed the subjects at a greater risk of psychological and social harm from the breach in confidentiality of the study data than was previously known or recognized. according to ohrp, this unanticipated problem must be reported to the irb in which timeframe? promptlywithin 48 hourswithin 24 hourswithin two weeks
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Ahmad is five years old and he has just been caught watching television when he was supposed to be studying according his father’s orders. when his father hears of this incident, he yells at him, spanks him, and restricts him from watching television for one week. ahmad’s father is displaying a(n) parenting style in this scenario.
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Lance is a member of the professional organization iceaa. he always attends its annual conferences b...
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