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Using your economic knowledge, compose a mock interview between yourself and a member of the federal reserve’s board of governors about the economic actions the fed has taken since 2008. be sure to script both your questions and the board members’ realistic responses, and address the topics of expansionary policy and future inflation rates.

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How has the elimination of trade barriers affected the movement of goods among member countries of the european union? a. member countries are able to produce all the goods they need. b. goods can move freely among member countries. c. member countries no longer need to trade with countries outside the eu. d. larger countries are able to import more goods than smaller ones.
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Governor reagan: mr. ellis, i think this idea that has been spawned here in our country, that inflation somehow came upon us like a plague and therefore it's uncontrollable and no one can do anything about it, is entirely spurious, and it's dangerous to say this to the people. when mr. carter became president, inflation was 4.8 percent, as you said. it had been cut in two by president gerald ford. it is now running at 12.7 percent. president carter also has spoken of the new jobs created . . but that can't hide the fact that there are 8 million men and women out of work in america today, and 2 million of those lost their jobs in just the last few months. mr. carter had also promised that he would not use unemployment as a tool to fight against inflation. and yet, his 1980 economic message stated that we would reduce productivity and gross national product and increase unemployment in order to get a handle on inflation, because in january, at the beginning of the year, it was more than 18 percent. which reasons and evidence does reagan use to support his argument? check all that apply. (1) the gross national product in 1979 (2) the gross national product in 1980 (3) the decrease in inflation rates (4) the increase in inflation rates (5) the number of jobs lost (6) the number of jobs created
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Astudent receives a pell grant based on the_.a.satb.nasac.fafsad.act
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Aryans believed that the most important thing in life was warfare. if this statement is true, which of the following facts best supports it?
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Using your economic knowledge, compose a mock interview between yourself and a member of the federal...
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